Patrick is our 'Learning Star' this week, for engaging so well in our class discussions about the concept of 'Power' in RE. Hannah has also won our 'School Values' star of the week for displaying such resilience in her Maths work. Well done both of you.


Well done to Oliver and Harley, who are our 'Stars of the Week'. Oliver, for your excellent contributions to class discussions when exploring Anne Frank's character and Harley, for showing resilience across many areas of your learning this week. Well done!


Particular well done to Olivia and Harley this week. Olivia, for responding so well to peer feedback and Harley for collaborating so well with your peers in writing. Super!


Well done to Jonathan and Esther, our 'Stars of the Week' this week. Esther made an outstanding contribution to our class visit to the allotment this week, by sharing her knowledge of vegetable growing with the class. Jonathan won our 'School Values' certificate for always providing his peers with such a positive role model.


Well done to Oliver and Hannah, our 'Stars of the Week'. Hannah blew Mrs Webber away with her curiosity in RE (Beliefs and Values) this week, which resulted in some excellent research on Judaism. Oliver was awarded our 'School Values' certificate for encouraging his classmates in their learning. Keep it up both of you! 


Well done to Florence and Jacob, who are our 'Stars of the Week'. Jacob has made a tremendous effort to implement feedback given to him by adults, which is resulting in great progress across all areas. Keep it up, Jacob! Florence was awarded our 'School Values' certificate for being such a kind, considerate and helpful member of the class. Thank you, Florence.


Well done Finley and Millie. Finley, for being such a good friend this week, and Millie, for the dedication and enthusiasm displayed in our freeze-framing lesson. It was clear that you had thought carefully about the perspectives of Jewish refugees embarking on the Kindertransport. Great job, both of you! 


Particular well done to Arthur and Daisy this week. Daisy completed some fantastic Maths work - it's lovely to see you growing in confidence! Arthur also made some thoughtful and honest contributions to our class discussions about gratitude as we began preparing for our virtual Harvest Festival. 


Well done to Ollie and Eva, who are our 'Stars of the Week' this week. Ollie has done some fantastic learning in Maths this week and has really risen to the challenges set for him. Super job! Eva has been awarded our 'School Values Star' for setting such a fantastic example to her peers. Well done!


Well done to Patrick and Olivia, who are Willow's stars of the week, this week.  Patrick was awarded our Learning Star of the Week for his excellent contributions to class discussions about World War II. Olivia was awarded our School Values Star of the Week for making a positive start to the term! Well done!