What has your child done this week that they are really proud of? This could be linked to the Home Learning Projects or something else they have explored at home and are equally proud of. Send in a photo of your child with their proud piece of learning or activity and we will display it here. 

Please ensure that all photos are emailed to adminoffice@micheldever.hants.sch.uk by 3pm each Wednesday.


Friday 10th July 2020

Wow, the science online science lessons and webinars sound amazing! It is very cool that you met Tim Peake on screen as well.  It sounds like you have learnt a lot of about space and astronauts. Some of the facts you shared I didn’t know either, and I found them very interesting to read.  I hope you enjoyed it, and we can’t wait to hear more about it in September. Well done for your fantastic learning!

Mrs. Boulter


Your sister's birthday trip to Harrods looks wonderful! I can imagine the food must have been delicious. I hope you saw some of the London sites as well!
I'm glad you have been enjoyed learning about the bees; they are fascinating creatures aren't they? Well done for your super learning at school!

Mrs. Boulter




Friday 19th June 2020

I loved seeing the picture of you and Buttercup; Shetland’s are my favourite pony as well! It’s lovely to see you playing with some of your old toys - is that a mini dolls house? Thank you for sharing what you are up to! Well done. 

Mrs. Boulter






Friday 12th June 2020

Well done Charlie for creating your wine vane and rain gauge - they look amazing! 

I hope you had fun recording the weather during the week.

You should be so proud of yourself; well done Charlie!

Mrs Boulter







Friday 5th June 2020

Candy Floss looks amazing, and like you said, looks very special! Well done for using recycled materials to make her, she looks very cuddly and friendly.  It definitely looks like it is worth £2:00 and you must be so proud of yourself.

Well done!

Mrs Boulter



22nd March 2020

What a fantastic robot you have made out of recycled materials! It looks so cool and I hope you had fun making it! What a great piece of writing you have done as well to explain all the different parts of the robot. I’ve loved reading all about the wonderful things it can do. Well done, I'm so proud!

Wow, that is a fabulous dress you have created out of recycled materials! I am very impressed. Well done for your hard work and I hope you have enjoyed wearing it around the house. I like the hair bow too; it looks amazing!






Thank you so much for sharing some photos of your walk up St. Catherine’s Hill. What a lovely idea to learn about the history there and see the fantastic views. Well done for getting out for some exercise and fresh air. I love walking up there too!

Mrs Boulter




Friday 15th March 2020

Wow - it is so good to hear all about what you have been up to! The tent- making sounds so exciting, especially the hot chocolate and playing the kazoo. I wish I could go camping too! Well done for writing your lovely camping diary; I think your handwriting has got even better. I am very proud of you!

Mrs. Boulter



What a clever idea to make masks Milla! You have done a super job using recycled materials to make them. I love your Lego supermarket as well! I am so proud of your hard work, well done!

Mrs. Boulter






Friday 8th March 2020

Wow, what a super idea to make a solar system top and mask for your eco project! It looks like you have done some wonderful learning at home about all the planets. Well done for the lovely cutting out and colouring as well.

I love your homemade dress and the headwear looks fantastic too! 

It's great to see all of the wonderful writing you are doing at home - the character profile and story mapping will help bring your ideas to life!

Thank you for sending in the fantastic work you have been doing,

Mrs. Boulter